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Choosing Cabinet Hardware

Your cabinets' finishing touch

They are the final things you put on. Without them, your cabinets feel naked, less "put together." Should you choose traditional cabinet knobs with a contemporary twist? Or maybe pulls that walk the thin line between all the rustic and casual. What about handles with a style of historic proportions? This is what is called a "good problem."

Decorative Hardware

Like jewelry completes an outfit, decorative hardware offers finish and personality to your room. Our cabinet knobs and pulls are made to exacting specifications and are available in a variety of metal finishes and styles.

Cabinet Knobs

While varied in appearance, a cabinet knob is a "knob" if it requires only one screw to install to the cabinet door or drawer. If it is shaped more like a handle with two screws, it is deemed a "pull". Knobs are typically placed approximately 3" to 5" from the bottom of a wall door (or top of a base door). It's really a matter of personal preference based on the overall look and design of the door, but take your time in deciding. After the holes have been drilled is not the time to change your mind! Knobs can also be used on drawers, but if you prefer the look of a handle – or pull – for the lower base doors and drawers, you can find a matching pull counterpart among Homecrest's cabinet hardware collection.

Cabinet Pulls

Our expansive collection of cabinet pulls ranges from sleek metro urban design to the sturdy appeal of craftsman styling. Pulls can be used on both doors and drawers, or a combination of knobs for the doors and matching pulls for the drawers.